Miss Johnson




Momma Iyanla Vanzant urges us to "cry with a purpose".

Yesterday, your title alone helped me finally have a good, cleansing, therapeutic cry for myself and others who've I've disappointed trying to be invincible supa sista.

I mourned all those I lost in deep, sobs. I hadn't had a mournful cry for friends and family I've lost in so long - I was scared I wouldn't be able to stop, but it was needed.

While I cried, I asked for forgiveness and peace while they rest.

I cried for my older, ailing mind, body and soul.

I cried and let go of my feelings of shame and weakness.

I cried to make room for new emotions

I cried with the purpose of letting go and making room for new feelings and healing.

Thank you for sharing this story Cholia - I needed this and I know so many others do, too.

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