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Story formatting and settings secrets

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WEOC Folk and fellow writing friends — just in case you missed it, my cofounder Allison Gaines, Cultured Editors, TC Hails and I shared some essential story formatting tips in Part 1 of our Story and Page Formatting Skills Lab.

Allison broke down the importance of proper title and subtitle formatting. Then she explained the purpose and advantages of adding a kicker. These three lines are essential parts to meeting curation standards.

TC Hails and Q U I N T E S S A talked about the importance of adding pictures using smaller paragraphs, and utilizing other formatting tools to…

My experience with paraphrased plagiarism and what you should do if it happens to you

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This is the story of how a popular writer and editor profited from my words and hard work as a Medium creator and what you should do if it happens to you.

The backstory — service and silence

I’ve been sitting on this story for four agonizing days waiting for a response. This week I learned the blessing and challenge of being a servant-leader. We don’t have the luxury of reacting to things because we have to think about the potential impact on the people we serve. I say serve versus lead because that’s what Freedom Schools taught me early in my career.

I serve as…

Power Poetry — Inspired by Independence Day

A lifelong litany of demands and commands called out and quickly ignored

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I want to be crystal clear — this is not a sneer or implication that the beautiful and brilliant, Pulitzer prize winning Kendrick Lamar ever uttered these words to or for Black women. However, I’m using his lyrics to highlight that everyone in the world has gotten way too comfortable telling Black women:

Shut up/Sit down/Be humble/Be grateful/Don’t complain/Stop fighting/You care too much/ You look like you don’t care/Say something/Do something/ Fix it/Fix me/Fix my life/You think you’re smart/You expect too much/Everything doesn’t need a response/Stop looking at me like that/Stop being strong/Stop being smart/Stop being discerning/Stop pretending you have…

How to use your images to increase access and optimize SEO

A woman in a yellow jacket and red head scarf holding a camera with a large lens in a vibrant reddish orange background
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Make your pictures pop in your pieces by linking them to an article or source.

If you click on the beautiful image above, it will send you to Casey Botticello’s article that inspired this piece. Here are the instructions to hyperlink your images from Casey’s guide:

“Click on an image in the editor and press Ctrl+K or ⌘+K to turn the image into a link.”

Alt text flex

There’s even a way to elevate your imagery for our readers who have a visual impairment. It’s called alternative text or alt text.


Some quick and creative ways to get readers for your pieces, on Medium and beyond

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I’ve been a writer on Medium since 2019, and since co-founding my writing group, Writers and Editors of Color (WEOC), I’ve learned some tips and tricks along the way. I’ve written about growing your audience through the tried-and-true method of reading reciprocity. Here are some more tips and tricks to help you market and promote your work with your readers and gain a few new ones.

I will use my story about Chantilly cake as an example:

1. Create a Twitter thread

Make the most out of your posts! I recommend including no more than three snippets from your piece and schedule it in the…

I love the compilation - I can't wait to dive in.



Um hmm


Love it Quintessa - but so don't like the experience, but lessons learned.

This hit home.

Great article Carla - compromise takes practice and courage. Too many of us would rather be right than find a space where both sides give a little.

Thank you for writing this.

Sunday Yummies

Soul food sins and other tasty taboos

I love cooking and eating- that’s no surprise. However, what may surprise people is my willingness to play with some sacred soul food staples like grits.

While this twist on a traditional dish is based on my humble budget and Covid-related food supply issues, improvisation is also in my culinary history. My ancestors literally had to take bits and pieces and make them delicious. Naturally, when I couldn’t find grits — this was it…

I only like yellow grits — but most places don’t sell them, so I use polenta. Which some people argue are the same. Polenta is great…

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