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The first story on the new loan forgiveness program that popped in my newsfeed was one from CNBC: Department of Education announces Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program Changes by Abigail Johnson Hess.

The crazy part is, I was just talking about this. Then, on September 27, 2021, I (probably like…

Covid Chronicles

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My name is Tee and I’m a writer and co-founder of the growing global collective, Writers and Editors of Color (WEOC). I was recently diagnosed with Covid-19 and quickly discovered that this will not be a quick or easy experience. I’ve been voraciously reading to keep myself informed and educated…


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I’ve been a writer on Medium since 2019, and since co-founding my writing group, Writers and Editors of Color (WEOC), I’ve learned some tips and tricks along the way. I’ve written about growing your audience through the tried-and-true method of reading reciprocity. …

From Ari’s page -

On December 2, 2021, at 12:22 pm (EST), beautiful and talented singer, Ari Lennox posted this Tweet:

From Ari Lennox’s Twitter feed

However, there weren’t any updates from her, her team or Amsterstam authorities since she posted about her alleged arrest on November 29, 2021 — which prompted fans to…


Shutterstock — American Goulash aka Beef-o-roni (with a little paprika)

Last week, I shared an embarrassing story about bringing what I thought was Hungarian goulash to a college potluck celebrating foods from different cultures. In my initial research, I never thought to look for American goulash — because I have strong feelings about culinary cultural appropriation.

But it turns out…

#WriteHere — A Favorite Family Recipe

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I LOVE CHEESE! All kinds of cheese from good old traditional cheddar to chevre. I love it whether it’s made from cow’s or goat’s milk. I like creamy fontina to salty and somewhat chalky feta.

My all-time favorite cheese-centric recipe is macaroni and cheese. It’s just the perfect dish. …

Awe thank you Lucy - thank you for naturally being so open and inclusive. It was wonderful to see people like you was already connecting with other writers. Writers and Editors of Color was and is a dream that I hope continues to be a real, safe and peaceful place.

We work hard to have our voices heard - now it's time to focus our energy on personal and communal growth and solidarity and that comes in different forms.

I'm focusing on creating more opportunties that will not only amplify and promote our writing but change pressing issues in our communities.

A pondering poem

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When people disappoint you — were your expectations too high or too low?

I often ponder this question in personal and romantic relationships.

Does your friend, family or romantic partner know what you expect of them or what they should expect from you?

If not, how can you hold them…

Teressa P.

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