#WriteHere — A Favorite Family Recipe

A family recipe that’s changed over the years — just like me

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I LOVE CHEESE! All kinds of cheese from good old traditional cheddar to chevre. I love it whether it’s made from cow’s or goat’s milk. I like creamy fontina to salty and somewhat chalky feta.

My all-time favorite cheese-centric recipe is macaroni and cheese. It’s just the perfect dish. …

Funny Food Stories

Memories, potlucks & culinary (mis)appropriation

Photo by Ting Tian on Unsplash

I’ve been researching and writing about food lately and I remembered a funny (and somewhat embarrassing) story from college. Many moons ago a professor suggested that our class bring a dish from another culture for the last class celebration. I loved to cook and actually had a little side hustle…


A quick update and possible pasta correction

Shutterstock — American Goulash aka Beef-o-roni (with a little paprika)

Last week, I shared an embarrassing story about bringing what I thought was Hungarian goulash to a college potluck celebrating foods from different cultures. In my initial research, I never thought to look for American goulash — because I have strong feelings about culinary cultural appropriation.

But it turns out…

I am recovering from Covid, owe $130,000 in school loans and don’t qualify for the federal loan forgiveness program

Photo by Ehud Neuhaus on Unsplash

The first story on the new loan forgiveness program that popped in my newsfeed was one from CNBC: Department of Education announces Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program Changes by Abigail Johnson Hess.

The crazy part is, I was just talking about this. On September 27, 2021, I (probably like millions…


Some quick and creative ways to get readers for your pieces, on Medium and beyond

Photo: pidjoe / Getty Images

I’ve been a writer on Medium since 2019, and since co-founding my writing group, Writers and Editors of Color (WEOC), I’ve learned some tips and tricks along the way. I’ve written about growing your audience through the tried-and-true method of reading reciprocity. …

He no longer has to suffer fools no more

André Leon Talley, photographed at the Mint Museum in Charlotte in April. Garden and Gun Magazine

Mr. André Leon Talley, the man, the legend — an American icon and fashion royalty is gone. The news of his passing makes me sad, but I know he is at peace now.

In the proud African American tradition — I would like to celebrate his life:

Mr. Talley is…

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